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Dino Mastroyiannis was the inspirer and Artistic Director of the Volos International Music Festival, a classical music festival accomplished during 2001-2002. The Festival has offered 10 concerts of highest standards. Volos International Music Festival interrupted its activities in 2002 due to economical problems. 

During the years 2001-2002 the Festival has organized concerts of high artistic quality at the "Exoraistiki" Hall, the Municipal Theatre of Volos and the Volos Municipal Conservatory. 
This great cultural event was organized under the kind support of the Holy Diocese of Demetrias (Volos region) and His Eminence Metropolitan Ignatius. Marianna Samartzi was the Festival's Artistic Coordinator.

The Volos International Music Festival  is proud 

to have organized: 
- 10 concerts with more than 5.000 public
- 2 world-premieres
- 2 chamber music master-classes
- 1 charity concert

to have produced:
- 12 CD productions with all the concerts
- 1 DVD production with extracts from the concerts
- 2 Video CD’s with the master-classes

It has invited and accommodated in Volos, Greece approximately 200 artists, ensembles, choirs and orchestras

It has been greeted with the most enthusiastic comments from the Press, radio and TV ("Alpha" TV - Greece and TRT TV-Greece). 

The Festival’s web site had more than 50.000 visitors from more than 100 countries worldwide

-Orchestras, Choirs, Chamber Ensembles that performed in the Festival: 

1) Children’s Choir “Prieboj” (Slovakia)
2) Kazan State Chamber Orchestra “La Primavera” (Tatarstan, Russia)
3) Chamber Ensemble “Musica Gaudeans” (Czech Republic)
4) Female Chamber Choir «Te Deum Adoramus” (Bulgaria)
5) Lauteates of the “Horowitz Competition” (Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey)
6) “Martinů” Chamber Orchestra (Czech Republic)
7) Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir “Blagovest” (Latvia)
8) Chamber Ensemble «Quartetto con Flauto” (Czech Republic)
9) Volos Youth Symphony Orchestra (Greece)

- Composers in residence

1) Dimitris Maragopoulos (Greece)
2) Roustem Abyazov (Russia)
3) Otomar Kvěch (Czech Republic)

- Orchestra conductors

1) Roustem Abyazov (Russia)
2) Semion Kogan (Russia)

- Choral conductors

1) Teodora Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
2) Alfonz Poliak (Slovakia)
3) Alexander Brandavs & Aigers Piri (Latvia) 

- Soloists

1) Július Klein (Sovakia)
2) Roustem Abyazov (Russia)
3) Vadim Mazo (USA)
4) Dino Mastroyiannis (Greece)

Volos International Music Festival: Text
Volos International Music Festival: Pro Gallery
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